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Division Leadership Conference: DLC 01.28.17 PDF

Rapid Health Care Policy changes & Rehabilitation Psychology: RP17 CPT 02.17.17 PDF

Practice Leadership Conference: Puente PLC 03.07.17 PDF

APOPO Webinar: CPT Reimbursement Webinar 5.8.17

Moscow Conference: Puente Moscow 05.11.17 PDF

VA Leadership Conference:VA Leadership 05.19

High school Psychology: Why is it important? 06.17

125 Years of The Teaching of Psychology 06.17

Tercer Congreso Nacional De Psicologia Oviedo 7.2.17

Spanish Psych Society 07.03.2017

APA HS Summit 07.09

Sociedad Interamericana de PsicologĂ­a: 07.25

Psicologia como un constructo dentro la Neuropsicologia: FUNDIC 10.14

How Does Psychology Interface the Global and the Indigenous in Making Our Discipline Relevant for All?: Lima,Peru 10.25

Indiana Psychological Association 11.03

Psychometric biases Impacting Death Penalty Outcomes: The Ultimate Health Disparity: APA 12.05


University of South Florida: USF 01

Being President of APA; the rest of the story

Taquitos de Sesos 01.19