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Archived Pictures

Tony at INS 2017

Tony with his students at INS 2017 in New Orleans.

Health Care Hero

Tony Accepts the 2016 Health Care Heros aware in Wilmington NC.


APA believes that we should preserve the key components of the ACA that are improving access to mental health care and helping protect you and… Read More »APA on ACA

UNCW E-Teal Conference

Tony with fellow faculty member Maria Espinosa Hernandez. 

Cape Fear Clinic Group

Tony with his students outside of the Cape Fear Clinic.

Cape Fear Clinic

Tony and his graduate students at the Cape Fear Clinic

Student Graduation

Tony at the graduation of two of his Graduate Students, Angie Sekely and Andrea Mejia

Tony’s Birthday!

Tony’s staff and students surprising him for his birthday!

APA 2015 Convention

Tony with his students at the 2015 American Psychological Association Convention.

NAN 2015

Dr. Puente speaking at NAN 2015

Puente for President Take Two!

Check out what colleagues, students, friends and family have to say about the campaign!