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Dear Students, Postdoctoral Fellows, and Early Career Psychologists,

Thank you for showing an interest in my presidential campaign. Although I know that you may not have voting privileges, your opinions are highly valued and influential in the process. Browse my presidential campaign and other related websites and join me on social media for further information. Click Here to take a brief survey. This will help me develop my platform with your ideas. Until then, here is a different kind of statement…enjoy.

The future of psychology is me and you.

When my father was confined to a tuberculosis sanatorium at the end of my high school days, I turned to Jose, my neighbor from across the street, for advice – What college should I go to, and what courses should I take? He was enrolled at the south campus of Florida Community College in an abandoned elementary school. At $100 a semester, the price was affordable, and as to courses, he suggested “a cool course in psychology with an equally cool instructor, Dan Hadwin.” Now, over 35 years later, I still keep up with Dan and still keep up with psychology – heck, I am running for the presidency of APA. And as to my father, little does he know that I went into psychology because of him. I wanted to learn about adaptability, resiliency, and the role of culture in people’s lives, but most of all, I wanted to see how all of that played out in the brain. It had been on my mind for as long as I can remember, and it seemed like it was something that I could do to help those who would come after me.

I went into psychology to understand how my father could leave everything behind, not know a language, end up in a sanatorium with 13 cents to his name, and still come out a winner.  I was surprised that two of my own children would follow in my footsteps directly, and another would do so indirectly. My daughter Krista obtained her Psy.D. at Florida Tech, where she now teaches part-time and practices at a psychiatric hospital. My son Nicolas is finishing up his Ph.D. in clinical at University of Georgia, as he is completing his predoctoral internship at Duke and starting his fellowship in neuropsych at Hopkins. My son Lucas is obtaining his Ph.D. in political economics at Stanford and was instrumental while working on Obama’s economic transition team in helping draft the early versions of the Affordable Care Act…The apple (coconut?) does not fall far from the tree. So, it started with my father, continued with me, and now the baton is being passed on to my children and now to you.

I can rest in knowing that all the suffering and hard work that both my father and I experienced was for a reason. That reason was to lay the foundation for my children and for psychology to become our psychology.

What is your story? And how can we make this dream become our dream? Join our team by providing your email address below and let us dream together to make a stronger psychology and a better world!



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Dr. Puente’s Q&A regarding critical student issues.

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Dr. Puente’s Student Teams

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John W. Capps IV, B.A -UNCW Research Assistant and Tech Consultant from Wilmington, North Carolina
Ahmed F. Fasfous, Ph.D. -University of Granada, Spain Postdoctoral Fellow from Palestine
Margie I. Hernandez, M.A. -UNCW Research Assistant and Psychometrist from Honduras
Octavio A. Santos, M.S. -UWM 4th-year Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Student from Colombia
Jacob Wisnoski, B.A. –UNCW Graduate Student from Asheville, NC
David G. Zelaya, M.Ed. -Georgia State University 2nd-year Counseling Psychology Ph.D. Student from Nicaragua

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Hana Kuwabara, B.A. –UNCW Research Assistant from Louisville, KY
Andrea Mejia, B.A. –UNCW Graduate Student from Plainfield, NJ
Angela Sekely, B.A. –UNCW Graduate Student from Toronto, Canada
Griffin P. Sutton, Ph.D. –UNCW Postdoctoral Fellow from Burgaw, NC
Victor Paul B.A -Post Graduate Special Assistant from Wilmginton, NC
Harry Atwal B.A -UNCW Graduate Student from Jackson Heights, NY
George Daniel B.A -UNCW Undergraduate Student from Durham, NC