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APA Statements

Press Releases:


Enhanced Interrogation PR 1-26-17,

Native American Statement 1-25-17

APA Hails SCOTUS Decision Texas Cannot Use Outdated Approach to Intellectual Disability

Revised Senate Health Care Bill Worse Than First Version, APA Says

Letter to Charlottesville Mayor (August 2017) (1)

Psychologists Available to Discuss Charlottesville Violence

APA Calls On President To Preserve ‘Dreamers’ Program

APA Offers Resources For Coping With Mass Shootings

Statement of APA President in Response To President’s Executive Order To Override State Health Insurance Protection

APA Ccommends Many Recommendations Of President’s Opioid Commision

Statement of APA President in Response to House, Senate Tax Bills

APA Calls For Consideration Of Best Scientific Evidence By CDC

Letters by APA:

Sec. Kelly Family Separation Letter (Puente 04.03.17)

APA Request for HHS and DOJ Hiring Freeze Public Health Exemptions

APA WHO Letter on Dementia in ICD 11

APA Letter to Trump on Torture

APA letter to Sessions on Torture

APA letter to Pompeo on Torture

APA letter to Mattis on Torture

APA Exemption Request for Health Professions and Trainees from Hiring Fr…

BRIDGE Act – Letter of support.docx

APA-APAPO letter to Speaker Ryan opposing AHCA – 3.14.2017

APA-APAPO letter on AHCA

APA-APAPO letter on AHCA – 4.27.2017

APA-APAPO letter to Senate Finance Committee on health care – 5.22.2017

Response Intl Jrl Applied Psychoanalytic Studies – Final

APA-APAPO BCRA letter (July 2017)

Carta COP 23 agosto 17

Asociacion de Psicologos de Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria Letter FINAL (October 2017)

WSPA Letter

APA-APAPO letter opposing repeal of individual mandate

Thaler Letter

UN Secretary General Condolence Letter – To President Puente