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Antonio E. Puente APA Campaign,1508 Military Cutoff Rd. Ste. 303, Wilmington, NC 28403

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  1. Reuben Silver says:

    Tony Puente is the man to lead us. I will be voting for him and I hope you will also.

    Reuben Silver

  2. paula cooper says:

    I know NO ONE that has Tony’s knowledge, expertise, and experience that would even come close to representing all of psychology and neuropsychology!

  3. Kristin Addison-Brown says:

    As far as what can we do: VOTE!!! I think a lot of us thought he had it in the bag last time and just got complacent. Personally, I wasn’t even an APA member last year (division 40 only), primarily because I have had some similar issues with APA as many of you. I reinstated my membership this year for several reasons (the APAPO has some great practice resources, btw), but one of which was to better support Tony and, thus, our profession.

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