APA Convention 2015

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TUESDAY, August 4 Council Plenary Session 5:00-6:30pm Ontario Room Coalition for Academic, Scientific and Applied Research Psychology 7:00-7:45pm Manitoba Room   Women's Caucus open meeting 7:00-7:45pm Territories room Public Interest Caucus 7:30-8:15pm Quebec Room Health Care/ Health Science Caucus meeting 7:30-8:15pm British Columbia Ethnic Minority Issues in Psychology Caucus 8:00-8:45pm Alberta Room General Applied Psychology and Psychologists Caucus Meeting 8:00-8:45pm Manitoba Room of the Fairmont Royal York Hotel Child, Adolescent and Family Caucus 8:30-9:15pm Quebec Room Caucus of State/ Provincial/ Territorial Representatives 8:30-9:15 Territories Room Association of Practicing Psychologists/ Div 31/ CAPP/ Caucus of State and Provincial & Territorial Reps/ Rural Health Interest Group and Caucus 9:15-9:45 Territories Room   WEDNESDAY, August 5   COUNT Caucus 7:15-8:00am Manitoba Room   LGBT Concerns Caucus 7:15-8:00am British Columbia Room                          Education and Training Caucus 7:15-8:00am Algonquin room   Council of Representatives Meeting 8:00-5:45 Canadian Room   Divison 6 and 28 Social Hour 5:00pm Intercontinental Toronto Centre Hotel - Kings Wing   38- Campaign Interview, 5 mins 6:00pm Royal York Hotel Library Association for Practicing Psychologists meeting 6:00-8:00pm   THURSDAY, August 6   Division 45, Division's Executive Committee- Invited to meet 8:25am-8:40am Hospitality Suite 328 Intercontinental Toronto Centre   Division 31 Annual Business Meeting 8:00-11:50am Intercontinental Toronto Centre Hotel- Caledo Room   An Open Forum for SPTAs (regarding Hoffman) 10:00-11:50am 203 D Convention Centre Booth 12:00-2:00pm "Invitation Only" discussion "Ethics Educator Award" 2:30-4pm Fairmont Royal York Hotel Ontario Room Poster Session: The Archives of Roger Sperry, Nobel Prize Laureate, 1981 3:00pm-3:50pm Convention Centre Exhibit Halls D and E Division 52 Fast Connect Social Hour 4-5pm 2015 APA Hospitality Suite, Vice Regal Suite, Westin Harbour Opening Session 5-6:30pm South Building- Level 800, Exhibit Halls F and G session 1361   FRIDAY, August 7   Council Meeting 8:00-12:00pm Canadian Room   Angie Poster Session 9-950am Convention Centre Exhibit Hall D and E   Veterans with TBI 9am-1050 CC703 Booth 10:00-2:00pm   Leadership Development-- Implications for Association and Division Member Engagement and Retention 1:00-2:50pm Convention Centre Rm 712   NLPA Annual Meeting 2:00-2:50pm (all members) 3:00-3:50 (students) Division 45 Hospitality Suite in Intercontinental Hotel   Division 45 Presidential Address 2-2:50pm Intercontinental Lower level Ball Room A   Division 45 Annual Business Meeting 3-4:50pm Intercontinental hotel ball room A Division 40 Presidential Address 4-4:50 Fairmont Royal York Algonquin Rm   Division 45 Social Hour and Reception 5-5:50 ITC Hotel Ontario & Niagara Rooms   Division 56 Social Hour 5-5:50 ITC Hotel Ontario and Niagara Rooms   Division 40 Business meeting 5-5:50 Fairmont Royal York Hotel Quebec Room   Division 1 Anniversary Party Social Hour 5-6:50 Fairmont Royal York Hotel Salon A APF Friends of the Foundation- must go 6pm Upper Canada Room of the Fairmont Royal York Division 40 Social Hour 6:00-7:50pm Fairmont Royal York Hotel Quebec Room Division 31 Social Hour, Weisner Award Presentation 7-750 Fairmont Royal York Hotel, British Columbia Room   SATURDAY, August 8   Karl Heiser Award Ceremony 9-950 Fairmont Royal York Hotel- library   Booth 10:00-11:00am   APA Presidential Candidates Forum 1-2pm APA Exhibit Hall, Booth #1102   APA Presidential Address 2-250 Convention Centre S Building Level 700 rm 714B Town Hall Meeting 3-4:50pm Convention Centre-Constitution Hall 106 North Building Division 18 Awards Ceremony 5-6 pm Fairmont Royal York Hotel - Confederation Rooms 5 & 6.   Science Directorate Reception 5:30pm-7:30pm Delta Toronto Hotel, Bremner Terrace APA Publications Reception 7:00-9:00pm Presidential Suite, Intercontinental Toronto Centre Hotel Div 35 / Div 45 Dance 9pm-midnight Royal Fairmont York Hotel, Imperial Room APA Presidential Reception- Ticket to be picked up at Special Events Desk 8:00-11:00pm Hockey Hall of Fame   SUNDAY, August 9   Div 52, Fellows Breakfast Meeting 8 - 9 am Div 52, Hospitality Suite, Vice Regal Suite, Westin Harbour   Paper Session: Twenty-Five Years of Psychologically Based Pharmacological Intervention: Different Approaches to Expanding Psychology's Scope of Practice 8:00am-9:50am Convention Centre, North Building- Level 200, Room 206F Presidential Candidate Video Shoot 10-1030am Saskatchewan Room at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel