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Subject: Coding, Billing and Documentation Conference and Workshop, March 14, 3 or 6 CE

Gerontology Resources, Inc., presents

Coding, Billing and Documenting Professional Psychological Services

Presenter: Antonio Puente, PhD
Dr. Puente is a professor and private practitioner in North Carolina.  He has represented the American Psychological Association on the American Medical Association's Current Procedural Terminology (HCPAC) since the inclusion of the psycology into the CPT process in the early 1990's.  He is also an invited participant to assist in the development of the AMA's CPT V.  Dr. Puente is also a member of the federal government's Medicare Coverage Advisory Panel.  He has written extensively on charting regulations for psychology services. 

Date: Sunday, March 14, 2004

Time: 9:00am 12:00pm   Interactive lecture presentation

          1:00pm - 4:00pm      Workshop of model and actual notes

Conference description:

The morning conference will cover the history, procedures and limitations of the present approaches to coding, billing, and documenting professional psychological services.  Coding will focus on CPT codes, from psychiatric to health and behavioral codes, and their applications across outpatient and inpatient situations.  Billing will focus on a model involving location by service by diagnosis.  Documentation, ranging from medical necessity to actual information needed, will be outlined.  Specific attention will be given to fraud and abuse issues.

The afternoon workshop will involve individual and group assessment of model and actual professional services.  It is anticipated that participants will bring examples of both their best and of questionable cases to review (seating is limited for the workshop portion of this course). 


  • To learn present approaches to coding, billing and charting
  • Understand the concept of medical necessity and actual informatin needed in documentation of services
  • Address fraud and abuse issues in CPT coding and documentation

Workshop objectives:

  • Experience a mock audit from case examples
  • Learn and understand a model for documentation of psychological services

While the content of this conference and workshop will be  advanced, practitioners who are beginning to develop their businesses will benefit from the model being presented and are encouraged to attend.

Cost: Morning lecture session $95, 3 CE for psychologists

         Full day session $245, 6 CE for psychologists
(the afternoon workshop is limited to a small group experience)

Cancellations after March 10th will incur a $10 fee.

3 or 6 CE Credits for Psychologists:

Gerontology Resources, Inc., is approved by the American Psychological Association to offer continuing education for psychologists.

Gerontology Resources, Inc. maintains responsibility for the program.


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Donna Rasin-Waters, Ph.D.


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